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back of edgertronic high speed camera with LEDs labeled



There are four LEDs on the edgertronic high speed camera.

Location LED Meaning
On Ethernet connector near power connector Network
link and activity
Off - no network connection
On - network connection
Blinking - network activity, packets being sent or received
On Ethernet connector near USB connector Network
10 or 100 Mbit/s
Off - 10 Mbit/s link
On - 100 Mbit/s link
Next to System status LED System status See table below.
Close to Multi-function button Camera status See table below.

Global device status indications

  • All LEDs off and fan off means no power.
  • Red indicates error.
  • If fan is on and system status LED is off then the device firmware needs to be updated (FPGA EEPROM contents are invalid). One customer used the wrong power supply and had these same symptoms, so first check you are using the power supply that came with the camera.
  • Blinking LED indicates activity.

System LED

Color Meaning
Off No power.
Red System processor not booting. Micro SD card needs to be re-imaged.
Red blinking If camera LED is also blinking red, then the camera update file loaded on the big SD card is corrupt. Delete the file in the big SD card, save it on the big SD card again, and reboot the camera. You can get more details on what went wrong by browsing to the camera ( if you are using the fixed IP address).
Red / Green Test mode - you will not see this in normal operation.
Red / Yellow Configured for DHCP-only but no DHCP server has provided an IP address. Camera cannot communicate over Ethernet.
Yellow blinking System boot in progress.
Yellow / Blue System ready, Ethernet not connected.
Yellow System ready, Ethernet connected, using default fixed IP address
Magenta System ready, Ethernet connected, using fixed IP address other than default IP address.
Blue blinking System boot in progress. Ethernet connected, camera using DHCP assigned IP address.
Blue System ready, Ethernet connected, using DHCP assigned IP address.
White pattern System firmware update in progress. Do not power cycle.

Pattern Action Duration
Yellow blinking booting 15 sec
White / Yellow verifying update tarball 38 sec
White blinking
with camera LED
White blinking
Run update script optionally included in the update tarball 0 sec
White verifying update image 38 sec
White / Cyan build new root fs 4 sec
White / Magenta switch to new root fs 3 sec
White / Green saving to micro SD 4:55 min
Yellow blinking rebooting 15 sec
White blinking saving to SPI EEPROM 47 sec (SC1)
1:20 sec (SC2/SC2+/SC2X)
Yellow blinking rebooting 15 sec
White / Blue system performing factory reset or restoring user settings after firmware upgrade 7 sec

Total time to perform an update is around 7 minutes - be patient! Time will vary if you use a different micro SD card than the one that came with the camera.

Camera LED

The Camera LED indicates the current camera status condition.
Multiple status conditions may occur simultaneously, but the LED can only show one status condition at a time. The following table lists the status indications in priority order.

Color Matching web message Meaning
Red blinking Slave not receiving Genlock Genlock slave camera unable to detect genlock signal from master camera.
Red / White Genlock configuration error Genlock configuration error. Incompatible master and slave settings.
Red / Green No usable storage device, usually due to the storage device being full. Camera has video ready to save. Try a different storage device to save video.
Red / Magenta Memory Card Unusable Storage device bad. Try a different storage device.
Red / Blue Insert memory card Storage device missing or has been unmounted. Remove all unmounted storage devices and install a storage device with available space.
Red / Yellow Memory card full Storage device full. Install a storage device with room to hold video files.
Off *no message* Waiting for system to become ready.
Yellow blinking Calibrating Camera Calibrating.
Green blinking Pre-trigger Fill Filling pre-trigger buffer. Ready for capture.
Green *No Message* Pre-trigger buffer filled (new capture video frames overwriting oldest data). Ready for capture.
Magenta blinking Post-trigger fill Capturing video to fill post-trigger buffer.
Blue blinking Saving Saving captured video to storage device.
Cyan Reviewing Reviewing previously captured, but unsaved videos. Individual frames that have been captured can be review and regions captured videos can be selectively saved.
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