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Save mode Description
Auto User sets the multishot count to the number of videos to be captured and then camera will automatically save the videos once the number of trigger events matches the multishot count.
Review When the user has captured all the events of interest, the user can review the captured fames and adjust some settings and the start and end frame to save, before saving a video.
Background After a video is captured, the camera allows another video to be captured while

Auto save mode

Out of the box, a new edgertronic camera is pre-configured to allow you to trigger the camera and then the camera encodes the captured frames into a video file and saves the file to the SD card. This is a simple model to understand and works well when learning to take high speed videos.

When you increase the multishot count, you will be able to capture several events, followed by the camera encoding and saving the videos, The camera will wait until the number of triggers matches the multishot count, then the camera will encode and save the captured video frames. You can also save captured videos even if all of the multishot buffers are not full.

When the camera is set to auto save mode, the camera will encode and save the captured videos when number of triggers matches the multishot count.

Review then save mode

You can review a video before saving, allowing you to trim the uninteresting beginning and end of your captured video. There are also some settings you can change after the video has been captured, including ISO and the text that is overlaid on each video frame.

Background save mode