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Version 2.4.1

  • Background save mode
  • Color hints on web user interface
  • Save view control (improves performance and reliability)
  • User selectable playback frame rate
  • Enhanced documentation updated to be easier to find what you are searching for

Update file

Copy the update tarball file to the big SD card, power on the camera, and wait around 7 minutes for the camera to finish updating.

Version details

Release Notes

Improvements since software release version 2.3.1:

  • Added background save mode so you can continue to capture new videos, while captured videos are being saved, as long as you have room in the DDR3 memory.
  • Baseball features - You can erase video and metadata files after downloading them.
  • Professional videography features - added ability to set the playback frame rate to match your work flow requirements.
  • Updated web user interface so you can track the foreground capture and background save activity.

Resolved defects

  • Fixed a problem with corrupted videos on SC2, SC2+ and SC2X cameras
  • Fixed a problem where Genlock errors weren't always reported.
  • Fixed trigger debounce time on SC1.

SDK API changes

  • The CAMAPI configure_camera() and run() dictionary parameter now takes requested_save_mode instead of requested_review.
  • Switched from buffer index (starting at zero) to buffer number (starting at one) for CAMAPI selective_save(), get_captured_video_info() and review_frame()
  • Depreciated CAMAPI get_pretrigger_fill_level(). Use get_captured_video_info() instead.
  • In CAMAPI get_captured_video_info(), deleted captured_buffers dictionary key and replaced with unsaved_count.
  • CAMAPI get_camstatus() split apart capture information and save_information.
    • Capture information is returned in dictionary keys state, level, and active_buffer. These key names were not changed to specify they are specific to only the capture side.
    • Capture state has two new states to handle the cases where capture is not possible, but save is possible: CAMAPI_STATE_BUFFERS_FULL_TRIGGER_DISABLED, and CAMAPI_STATE_WAITING_FOR_SAVE_TO_COMPLETE_TRIGGER_DISABLED.
    • New dictionary keys were added to return save information, including save_state, save_level, save_buffer, save_pretrigger_fill_level, and save_time.
    • The time until the current capture completes is returned in capture_time and the time until all the currently scheduled saves complete is returned in save_time. Times are in seconds.
    • To allow you to detect when a background save completes, the video_save_count is not included in the get_camstatus() returned dictionary. The video_save_count is the total number of videos saved since the camera was new (or a really hard factory reset occurred).
  • Added parameter to CAMAPI cancel() to allow previously captured, but unsaved videos to be discarded.
  • Added new CAMAPI method erase_file(wildcard_filename) to allow you to erase the video and metadata files after they have been downloaded.

Developer changes

  • Updated hcamapi.py to support save_mode and separate save state status reporting. save_mode default set to auto.
  • Added support for reporting FPGA bits build data and CRC. This is helpful is you are testing a beta code release for us.