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Version 2.5.1

  • URL supporting remote factory reset
  • Add a persistent setting field to input a name for the camera. Display as webpage title instead of “Edgertronic” and anywhere else appropriate.

  • [[Genlock
  • Background save LIFO - you can choose to save the oldest capture first (FIFO or first in first out) or save the most recent capture first (LIFO or last in first out).
  • Recenter field of view - digital pan and tilt so you can adjust the camera's field of view without having to physically touch the camera. Useful when a camera is mounted in a stadium or on a pole.
  • Multi frame rate capture - you can configure the camera to have a slower frame rate for the pitcher wind-up and follow through while having a high frame rate for analyzing the actual pitch. This reduces the time to save a video, the time to review a video, and also creates smaller video files.
  • Rename last video - Allows captured video files to more easily integrate into video analysis software systems.
  • PocketRadar© support - camera can power the PocketRadar via the USB connect and PocketRadar can trigger the camera. PocketRadar configuration through the camera's web user interface is supported.
  • Camera name support - you can assign a human readable name to each camera. The name shows up on the web UI. You can include the name in the notes overlay and in the video file name.

Update file

Copy the v2.5.1rc14 update tarball file to the big SD card, power on the camera, and wait around 7 minutes for the camera to finish updating.

Version details

Release Notes

Improvements since software release version 2.4.1:

Resolved defects

SDK API changes

Developer changes

  • As part of [extending edgertronic camera functionality] you can now add content to the webUI, such as a status box, a new tab in the settings modal, and a list of user settings. A lot of documentation needs to be written so you can use this cool feature. Send us an email if you find this feature intriguing and we will raise the priority so the documentation get created.