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Version 2.5.1

  • When you browse to the camera, live view is displayed instead of the settings modal. This change was made because so many edgertronic cameras are now under computer control and when you close the settings modal, it changes the camera state (which can cause the controller computer to get confused).
  • Camera name support - you can assign a human readable name to each camera. The name shows up on the web UI. You can include the name in the notes overlay and in the video file name.
  • Background save LIFO - you can choose to save the oldest capture first (FIFO -- first in first out) or save the most recent capture first (LIFO -- last in first out).
  • Recenter field of view - digital pan and tilt so you can adjust the camera's field of view without having to physically touch the camera. Useful when a camera is mounted in a stadium or on a pole.
  • Multi frame rate capture - you can configure the camera to have a slower frame rate for the pitcher wind-up and follow through while having a high frame rate for analyzing the actual pitch. This reduces the time to save a video, the time to review a video, and also creates smaller video files.
  • Rename last video - Allows captured video files to more easily integrate into video analysis software systems.
  • PocketRadar© support - camera can power the PocketRadar via the USB connect and PocketRadar can trigger the camera. PocketRadar configuration through the camera's web user interface is supported.
  • Factory reset a camera by sending a command over the network.

Update file

Copy the v2.5.1 update tarball file to the big SD card, power on the camera, and wait around 7 minutes for the camera to finish updating.

Version details

Release Notes

Improvements since software release version 2.4.1:

Resolved defects

SDK API changes

  • Added CAMAPI reconfigure_run(), which allow you to adjust settings that do not require a calibration. The key setting is ISO; you can increase or decrease the ISO over a limited range. The feature was added so you do not have to wait for all background saves to complete before being able to make a quick adjustment if a cloud goes over you stadium and the image becomes too dark.
  • Added CAMAPI rename_last_video() against my better judgement. The best approach is to pass the desired filename before capturing a video. However, some customers have a use case where they don't know the desired filename until after the trigger event. Use with caution as getting out of sync with the trigger event stream means you are renaming the wrong videos.
  • Added a series of new CAMAPI methods relating to adding content to the webUI.
    • webui_extension() - allows a filename (located in /tmp on the camera) which contains HTML/CSS/JavaScript to be added to the content provided to a web browser when the browser is loading the home page content from the camera. You can defined around 10 methods to override empty methods in the camera which allows custom webUI content to be added at all the interesting places.
    • led_override(), which allows you to blink any pretty colors you desire. Intended to be used to indicate a supported device (such as PocketRadar&#169) was connected via USB, but defined in a very general way.
    • accessory_state_update() - allows you to add, update, or remove an accessory from the list of installed accessories.
    • get_accessory_list() - returns a list of installed accessories, along with their current state.
    • write_file() and read_file() - you can save and retrieve content from the camera's file system. The intended use was to allow HTML contect to be downloaded to /tmp in support of the new rename_last_video(), but was defined in a general way. Most of the camera's file system is read-only, so you can only create files in /tmp, /mnt/rw, /mnt/usb, and /mnt/sdcard directories.

Developer changes

  • As part of [extending edgertronic camera functionality] you can now add content to the webUI, such as a status box, a new tab in the settings modal, and a list of user settings. A lot of documentation needs to be written so you can use this cool feature. Send us an email if you find this feature intriguing and we will raise the priority so the documentation get created.
  • The camera no longer ships with runtime controlled debug output. The optional debug output was removed to improve performance.
  • You can replace the embedded webserver (lighttpd) configuration file.