Turning the edgertronic camera on and off

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The edgertronic camera power requirements are as follows:

  • 12 VDC @ 1.5A
  • 2.5/5/5mm center positive coaxial jack

The following are approved power supplies:

  • 120V AC DC Adapter: 12V 1.5A SL Power MENB1020A1203F01

Damages to the camera due to reversed polarity, incorrect voltage or incompatible power sources are NOT covered under warranty.


We have discovered a problem with some cameras if a power source other than the MENB1020A1203F01 AC adapter (listed above) is used. If you use a different power source (Car Adapter, direct wired battery etc) there is a risk that an internal, protection fuse will blow, requiring the camera to be returned for repair.

If you need to power the camera remotely, plug the supplied AC adapter into an inverter.

This problem applies to cameras with MAC addresses 00-1B-C5-09-60-44 and below.