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Pro User Manual

The camera supports the same set of features in both easy and pro modes. The only difference is what camera features can be controlled in easy vs pro mode via the web user interface.

The Easy user interface resembles that seen 2.4.1g5 and earlier software releases and contains the most commonly used settings and is suitable for about 80% of our customers.

The Pro user interface contains all of the settings and is appropriate for users that need to access less commonly used settings. A common example is athlete optimization for sports such as baseball.

When we say pro mode, we simply mean the set of features exposed when the user selects the camera configuration Settings button 20150518222117.png button and causes the camera settings modal to be displayed. In pro mode, you get an overwhelming set of configuration parameters that can be set.

Easy Pro Reset Selection

From live view in the web user interface, click on the camera configuration Settings button 20150518222117.png button to display the settings modal. At the top of the settings modal, you will see the Edgertronic-easy-button.png, Edgertronic-pro-button.png, and Edgertronic-reset-button.png buttons. The description below describes what you see when you click on the Edgertronic-pro-button.png button, or stated another way, when you are in pro mode.

Pro Settings Modal

When in pro mode, the setting modal will display the tabs Settings, Options, Overlay, Filename, Favorites, About, and if you have a fancy accessory installed, the accessory configuration information, such at PocketRadar© tab.

Pro Settings


The big easy/pro difference is the ability to configure the camera for Multi-rate capture. In addition, horizontal / vertical offset adjustments are possible, along with enabling/disabling Subsampling on SC1 cameras.

Pro Options


Lots of additional settings are displayed in the Options tab of the Settings Modal. Video File Format, Playback Frame Rate, Trigger Debounce, and Gamma Correction settings can be set in the pro Options tab.

Pro Overlay

The Easy mode and Pro mode Overlay settings are identical.

Pro Filename


The ability to set the filename is only available in pro mode.

Pro Favorites


The ability to save and restore favorite settings is only available in pro mode.

Pro About

The Easy mode and Pro mode About information is identical.