Software release version 2.2.2

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Version 2.2.2

  • Added support for SC2X.

Update file

Copy the v2.2.2g3 update tarball file to the big SD card, power on the camera, and wait around 7 minutes for the camera to finish updating.

The g3 release resolves a dark line issue which was noticed on some SC2+ and SC2X cameras and add overclock support for SC2+ and SC2X cameras.

Version details

Build host: edge-vm
Built by: edgertronic
Build date: 20171022224256
Build tag: ssc1
Build hash: fdce23e
Build version: v2.2.2g3

Release Notes

Improvements since software release version 2.2.1:

  • Overclock support for SC2+ and SC2X similar to SC1 overclock support.
  • Improved web U.I. response time when configuring camera.
  • Reduced time from post trigger buffer full until the next multishot can be triggered. Time reduced to around 100 ms.
  • Improved SC2 and SC2+ image quality by reducing image sensor noise.
  • Clean up user supplied configuration file line endings when the files are installed into the camera.
  • Added support to pipelines file to allow preview while saving to be disabled to improve file save performance.
  • Improved camera temperature range for a few cameras that didn't tolerate colder temperatures. Thanks to the Boise camera owner who reported the problem.
  • Fixed defect where in review mode if you relocate the status boxes then would jump around to a different location.
  • Improved user experience when using the overlay notes helper buttons to add camera specific information to the notes field.
  • Fixed defect where the web UI didn't work properly if the cookie was in an unexpected format. No clue how that customer created a browser cookie in an unexpected format.
  • Added support for keyboard control when in review before save. Tab, space, left arrow, right arrow, page up, and page down now allow the review sliders to be controlled via the keyboard. This is helpful in sunlit areas when the laptop screen is hard to read.

Resolved defects

  • 20170401123456 User supplied configuration files with DOS line endings are ignored

SDK API changes

  • None

Developer changes

  • Enabled DOS/Unix line ending conversion tools.
  • Reduced DHCP client daemon logging when no DHCP server is available.
  • Added support for adjusting the shutter servo movement.
  • Read the image sensor, FPGA, and DRAM temperature sensors when the trigger occurs instead of when the save starts. This can make a difference if the save was interrupted due to full storage.
  • Increased web U.I. EULA and software release button size and coloring.
  • Cleaned up startup scripts so logging is done is a consistent manner.
  • Allow the video filename extension to be specified in the pipelines configuration file.
  • Improved CIFS support.
  • Fixed FTP daemon initialization so FTP can be used to transfer video files.
  • Web server marks version file as text so contents are displayed instead of file being downloaded.