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Supported Lenses

The edgertronic camera accepts Nikon F-mount lenses that have manual control of both focus and aperture. This includes:

  • Manual (A, AI, AI-S, etc)
  • Auto (all except E and G series)

E and G series lenses aren't supported since they lack manual aperture.

Lens Selection

Keep in mind that the camera sensor is approximately APS-C size sensor and has about a zoom factor. This means a 50mm lens on the edgertronic will have the same field of view as a 100mm lens on a 35mm camera.

Installing lens

Sc2 no lens.jpg
  1. Align white dot on lens (Aperture and Focus mark) with RED dot on lens mount.
  2. Push and rotate lens ~60' CCW until it locks.

Removing lens

  1. Push BLUE tab on lens mount toward camera body.
  2. Rotate lens ~60' CW
  3. Remove lens

Questions and Answers

What lens would work to video faces from 40 cm

You will need a wide angle lens. The Samyang 14m Ultra Wide Angle Lens is one option with a ~4x wider field of view.

The Nikon 28mm f/2.8 Lens with around ~2x wider field of view is another option.

As you increase frame rate, the edgertronic camera's max resolution may decrease, reducing the field of view. From a photographic sense, 40cm is too close for faces. The short distance causes exaggerated perspective effects like a big nose and small ears. When you talk to someone, you aren't 40cm away. 1m or more is best.

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