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edgertronic - A Microscope for Time

Think of High Speed Video as a microscope for time: it lets you see events that are too fast for the naked eye.

Color 1280x1024 High Speed Video Camera - Up to 17,791 Frames/Sec. - Powerful - Easy to Use - Prices Starting Around $5K

We got your attention now?

The edgertronic is straight up high speed video, not a consumer camera where high speed was a mere afterthought. Engineered from the ground up, it's purpose is simple: provide the best performance of any high speed video camera under $30K.

Example applications for High Speed Video

  • High Speed Video is used in industry to design and maintain high speed production equipment. Jams, stoppages and other hiccups can be clearly seen and corrected when the motion is slowed down.
  • High Speed Video is an important tool for coaches and athletes alike. Slow motion can help perfect a tennis serve, a high dive or even a skate board stunt.
  • High Speed Video is educational and insightful. In slow motion, a slinky behaves in an un-expected fashion and provides a lesson in physics and wave propagation.
  • High Speed Video is used to make products safer. In a crash test, slow motion allows safety features, like airbags, to be optimized for maximum effectiveness.
  • High Speed Video is essential in the entertainment arts. Discovery Channel can't go for more than a few minutes without cutting to a slow motion clip.
  • High Speed Video makes everyday occurrences visible. Seeing how water drops splash isn't very practical, but it's both cool and beautiful.

We've all seen these videos, and many would like to take their own, but the high price of serious slow motion cameras was prohibitive ... until now.

The edgertronic camera is the first slow motion video camera to bring high performance to an accessible price point.



edgertronic SC2+ high speed camera with 50mm lens

Subject to change without prior notice.

Our Cameras

  • SC2X high speed camera 2,252 frames/sec at 1080P resolution
  • SC2+ high speed camera 5,134 frames/sec at 720P resolution
  • SC2 high speed camera 3,350 frames/sec at 720P resolution
  • SC1 high speed camera 882 frames/sec at 720P resolution

The frame rates quoted above are using overclock C, which produces videos comparable to those taken with overclock set to off.

Product family features

  • Global Shutter technology allows crisp exposures without rolling shutter jello effect
  • Stores captured videos in H.264 format on a removable SD card
  • Web-browser based control panel
  • Video overlay support for frame number, text, and graphic logo
  • Field upgradeable software/firmware
  • I/Os: 10/100 Ethernet, 2 USB ports, external trigger, multi-camera genlock
  • 12 VDC Power, 2.5/5.5mm locking connector 1.5A SC1, 2.5A SC2/SC2+/SC2X
  • Type III Hard Anodize Aluminum enclosure
  • Trigger button and 4 status LEDs
  • Accepts Nikon F-mount lenses (manual and D series)
  • Built in fan
  • Size: 111x108x79 mm exclusive of lens
  • Weight: ~862 gr exclusive of lens

The following table compares the features of the edgertronic cameras.

Feature Sc1-web-site-picture-1280-960.jpg Ssc1-rev-d-front.jpg Ssc1-rev-d-front.jpg Sc2x-web-site-picture-1280-960.jpg
Lens mount ring color Black Red Red Gold
Color / Monochrome Both (Build option) Both (Build option) Both (Build option) Color only
Video memory 8 GB or 16 GB 8 GB 16 GB 16 GB
Exposure 1/10 to 1/250,000 sec 1/30 to 1/800,000 sec 1/30 to 1/800,000 sec 1/30 to 1/800,000 sec
ISO range[1] Color – 1,600 to 25,600
Mono – 6,400 to 102,400
Color – 1,600 to 25,600
Mono – 6,400 to 102,400
Color – 1,600 to 25,600
Mono – 6,400 to 102,400
Color – 1,200 to 19,200
Supported resolutions 192 x 96 to
1280 x 1024
256 x 96 to
1280 x 864
256 x 96 to
1280 x 864
256 x 96 to
1920 x 1088
Maximum Frame Rate
@ Minimum Resolution
17,791 fps @ 192 x 96
22,336 fps @ 192 x 96[2]
23,452 fps @ 1280 x 96 31,191 fps @ 1280 x 96
35,939 fps @ 1280 x 96[2]
20,132 @ 1920 x 96
23,737 fps @ 1920 x 96[2]
Maximum Frame Rate
@ Maximum Resolution
494 fps @ 1280 x 1024
621 fps @ 1280 x 1024[2]
2,797 fps @ 1280 x 864 3,720 fps @ 1280 x 864
4,286 fps @ 1280 x 864[2]
1,910 fps @ 1920 x 1088
2,252 fps @ 1920 x 1088[2]
Maximum Frame Rate
@ 1280 x 720
701 fps
882 fps[2]
3,350 fps 4,456 fps
5,134 fps[2]
2,940 fps[3]
3,467 fps[2][3]
Maximum Frame Rate
@ 1280 x 128
3,855 fps
4,846 fps[2]
17,934 fps 23,852 fps
27,483 fps[2]
15,395 fps[3]
18,152 fps[2][3]
Maximum Frame Rate
@ 640 x 480
1,849 fps
2,324 fps[2]
4,998 fps 6,647 fps
7,659 fps[2]
4,290 fps[3]
5,059 fps[2][3]
Maximum Frame Rate
@ 320 x 240
5,712 fps
7,181 fps[2]
10,513 fps 13,982 fps
15,071 fps[2]
9,024 fps[3]
10,641 fps[2][3]
IR Blocking Filter [4] Optional Optional Optional Always installed
Enhanced dynamic range 5 settings No No No
Subsampling Yes No No No
Overclock 5 settings
0% to around 40%
No 5 settings
0% to around 20%
5 settings
0% to around 20%
CMOS sensor active area 17.92 x 14.34 mm 17.53 x 11.83 mm 17.53 x 11.83 mm 19.20 x 10.88 mm

[1] Measured per ISO 12232.2006 REI Daylight. Software versions 2.2.0 and earlier may display lower, incorrect ISO values.

[2] Overclock C - While we don't guarantee operation at all overclock settings, we have found that most cameras produce usable videos up to overclock C.

[3] SC2X the horizontal resolution is always 1920 pixels.

[4] IR Blocking Filter may be deleted on Monochrome cameras as an extra cost, NCNR factory build option.

Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

Corporate philosophy

Who We Are

edgertronic is a brand of Sanstreak Corp, founded in 2012 to open new markets and applications for high speed video. We are a lean startup that designs, manufactures and sells quality and innovative high speed cameras.


Excellence in engineering is paramount. We use skillful, clever and innovative engineering to make our products excel. Our hardware and product design makes the edgertronic smaller, lighter and simpler to manufacture. Our software makes the edgertronic easy to use and integrate in simple to complex applications. All in all, we offer a camera that does more, and costs less than our competitors.


We're located in Silicon Valley and use the very best manufacturing resources available. This includes contract as well as proprietary fabrication, assembly and test services. The camera is made int the USA and we're proud of it.

Direct Sales

We sell our product manufacturer direct. We don't use distributors, salesmen, or fancy marketing campaigns. These cost money and we'd ultimately have to pass the cost on to you. If like our product, please tell your friends and colleagues about us.

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