FTP File Transfer Protocol support

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Software release 2.1.7 feature.


You can transfer a file from the camera to your host computer using the FTP protocol.

  • user: root
  • password: <no password>
  • communication: passive
  • home directory: /
  • modify to camera file system: prohibited
  • reading and writing SD card: directory /mnt/sdcard
  • reading and writing USB storage device: directory /mnt/usb


tfischer@edgertronic.com:~$ ftp
ftp> passive
ftp> cd /mnt/sdcard
ftp> ls
ftp> quit


You can replace the files /etc/inetd.conf (to enable write to camera file system) and/or /etc/password (to set a FTP login password) as described in Configuration Files.

There are several ftpd options.

ftp     stream  tcp     nowait  root    ftpd    ftpd -w    /

You can fetch the current inetd.conf via

Modify the file, save it to the SD card root directory, and power on the camera to install the inetd.conf from the SD card to /etc/inetd.conf