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Supported Lenses

The edgertronic camera accepts Nikon F-mount lenses that have manual control of both focus and aperture. This includes:

  • Manual (A, AI, AI-S, etc)
  • Auto (all except E and G series)

Nikon E and G series lenses aren't supported since they lack manual aperture control.

Some third party lenses will work, and some won't. The best way to tell is look for an aperture ring just forward of the lens mount.If ot has an aperture ring it will work, no rina and it won't.

Lens Selection

Keep in mind that the camera sensor is approximately APS-C size sensor and has about a zoom factor. This means a 50mm lens on the edgertronic will have the same field of view as a 100mm lens on a 35mm camera.

Installing lens

Sc2 no lens.jpg
  1. Align white dot on lens (Aperture and Focus mark) with RED dot on lens mount.
  2. Push and rotate lens ~60' CCW until it locks.

Removing lens

  1. Push BLUE tab on lens mount toward camera body.
  2. Rotate lens ~60' CW
  3. Remove lens

Questions and Answers

What lens would work to video faces from 40 cm?

From a photographic sense, 40cm is too close for faces. The short distance causes exaggerated perspective effects like a big nose and small ears. When you talk to someone, you aren't 40cm away. 1m or more is best.

What lens do you recommend for a wider field of view?

As you increase frame rate, the edgertronic camera's max resolution may decrease, reducing the field of view. For example, an SC1 at 640x512 resolution will have 1/2 the vertical and horizontal field of view compared to 1280x1024 resolution. This may require you to use a shorter focal length lens to get the required field of view.

If you need ~2x wider field of view than the 50mm lens, look at the Nikon 28mm f/2.8 Lens.

For ~4x wider, the Samyang 14m Ultra Wide Angle Lens is a good option.

How do I calculate field of view?

Here's a really good web calculator that lets you enter the lens focal length, distance and sensor size and calculate the field-of-view and depth-of-field[ https://www.pointsinfocus.com/tools/depth-of-field-and-equivalent-lens-calculator].

Calculate the sensor size based on your camera and resolution setting, then enter the result in the Custom NaNx pulldown under Sensor Size. The pixel pitch of the SC1, SC2 and SC2+ is ~14um, and the SC2X is ~10um.