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edgertronic - A Microscope for Time

Think of High Speed Video as a microscope for time: it lets you see events that are too fast for the naked eye.

Color 1280x1024 High Speed Video Camera - Up to 17,791 Frames/Sec. - Powerful - Easy to Use - Prices Starting Around $5K

We got your attention now?

The edgertronic is straight up high speed video, not a consumer camera where high speed was a mere afterthought. Engineered from the ground up, it's purpose is simple: provide the best performance of any high speed video camera under $30K.

Example applications for High Speed Video

  • High Speed Video is used in industry to design and maintain high speed production equipment. Jams, stoppages and other hiccups can be clearly seen and corrected when the motion is slowed down.
  • High Speed Video is an important tool for coaches and athletes alike. Slow motion can help perfect a tennis serve, a high dive or even a skate board stunt.
  • High Speed Video is educational and insightful. In slow motion, a slinky behaves in an un-expected fashion and provides a lesson in physics and wave propagation.
  • High Speed Video is used to make products safer. In a crash test, slow motion allows safety features, like airbags, to be optimized for maximum effectiveness.
  • High Speed Video is essential in the entertainment arts. Discovery Channel can't go for more than a few minutes without cutting to a slow motion clip.
  • High Speed Video makes everyday occurrences visible. Seeing how water drops splash isn't very practical, but it's both cool and beautiful.

We've all seen these videos, and many would like to take their own, but the high price of serious slow motion cameras was prohibitive ... until now.

The edgertronic camera is the first slow motion video camera to bring high performance to an accessible price point.