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edgertronic software release summary
version 2.5.1

New software features since 2.3.1 include:

  • Baseball feature - Background save LIFO - you can choose to save the oldest capture first (FIFO or first in first out) or save the most recent capture first (LIFO or last in first out).
  • Baseball feature - Recenter field of view - digital pan and tilt so you can adjust the camera's field of view without having to physically touch the camera. Useful when a camera is mounted in a stadium or on a pole.
  • (Not in this beta release) Baseball feature - Multi frame rate capture - you can configure the camera to have a slower frame rate for the pitcher wind-up and follow through while having a high frame rate for analyzing the actual pitch. This reduces the time to save a video, the time to review a video, and also creates smaller video files.
  • Baseball feature - Rename last video - Allows captured video files to more easily integrate into video analysis software systems.
  • Baseball feature - PocketRadar© support - camera can power the PocketRadar via the USB connect and PocketRadar can trigger the camera. PocketRadar configuration through the camera's web user interface is supported.
  • Multi camera feature - Camera name support - you can assign a human readable name to each camera. The name shows up on the web UI. You can include the name in the notes overlay and in the video file name.