Stand Alone Network Operation

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You can operate the camera without the use of a computer. This is called stand-alone operation. The biggest challenge with stand-alone operation is framing the image and knowing how to adjust the focus. For some environments, such as semi-permanent mounting on assembly lines, this is not an issue.

To enable stand-alone operation, the camera supports several features:

  • At power on the camera retrieves the camera settings that were active when the camera was previously turned off.
  • The camera supports triggering from an external trigger, use of the multi-function button, or triggering over the network using CAMAPI.
  • The camera provides simple status information via the two multi-colored LEDs.
  • The camera supports CAMAPI allowing the camera to be controlled over the network (not really a stand-alone feature, but allows unattended camera operation).

Configuring camera for stand alone operation

You need to hook the camera up to a computer and configure the camera using a web browser. Once you close the camera setting modal, the camera settings are saved in the camera to the file /etc/camera_settings.txt.

The camera will continue to use these settings each time the camera is turned on until the camera settings are manually changed.