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Version 2.2.0

Improvements over software release version 2.1.7:

Update file

You can get the update tarball file from:

Version details

Build host: contra-lx
Built by: tfischer
Build date: 20160704212134
Build tag: ssc1
Build hash: b31d010
Build version: v2.2.0rc10

Release Notes

  • Added support for SC2 and SC2+ edgertronic cameras
  • Video overlay frame number, camera capture information, and company logo on each video frame in the movie file
  • Added saving and reloading favorite camera settings
  • Faster live preview frame rate
  • Improved lost connection handling

Resolved defects

  • 201406180730 Device loses some settings during device software update

Settings stored in the micro SD card read/write partition are erased during a device update. Currently only manually configured network settings and the camera capture settings are stored in the read/write partition.

SDK API changes

  • Added favorites related methods to CAMAPI - get_favorite_ids(), get_favorite(), save_favorite(), and delete_favorite()
  • CAMAPI flags changed, unused flags deleted, new flags added to distinguish between storage media not present and storage media not mounted
  • Added CAMAPI mount() method

Developer changes

  • New URL support added so you can browse to the camera without causing a calibration. Useful for monitoring the camera when another computer is controlling the camera. Also useful in video booth where the client isn't allowed to modify any settings.
  • New URL to allow you to see what user added URLs are available.
  • Moved network handling to a later point in the boot process - this means the blinking yellow system LED stays around longer
  • Improved HTTP header fields to properly describe client cacheing options.
  • Added app_ext - more general solution to allow multiple user added extensions, hardware watchdog example provided


  • Set fixed IP address via user provided network interfaces file
  • Change video capture / encoding via user provided GStreamer pipelines file
  • Set DNS server via user provided resolv.conf file
  • Added /live URL so you don't always have to configure/run the camera when you browse to it
  • Added CIFS (SMB, windows share) network storage support
  • Updated many of the software packages used internal to the camera
  • The /etc/version file now contains a text name for the software release
  • Image quality improvement by removing the 1.2 gain factor that was perviously applied to all pixels.
  • Switched python from pyo files to pyc files
  • Added favicon.ico