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Version 2.5.2

Added auto-exposure and more friendly network configuration support.

Update file

Copy the v2.5.2rcXXXX update tarball file to the big SD card, power on the camera, and wait around 7 minutes for the camera to finish updating.

If you are updating from 2.4.1g6 or earlier, you will need to perform a factory reset after the update.

Version details

Release Notes

Improvements since software release version 2.5.1:

  • Auto exposure - Automatically adjusting the exposure (shutter speed) to maintain a correct exposure while the scene changes in brightness (i.e. going from sunny to cloudy). Since the exposure can not be longer than ~1/frame_rate, the user will need to preset ISO, frame rate and lens aperture to allow a correct exposure for the lowest anticipated light level.
  • Improved image quality for SC2, SC2+, and SC2X. These are proprietary changes giving us even more of a competitive advantage. If your use case needs a more detailed description, please contact us.
  • Network configuration - A new tab in pro settings mode allows webUI based camera network configuration including IP address, DNS server address, and NTP server address.
  • Genlock terminology change - The documentation, webUI, and camconstants.py enumeration text have been modified to refer to genlock source camera and genlock receiver camera.

Improvements since software release version 2.4.1:

  • Multi frame rate capture - You can configure the camera to have a slower frame rate for the pitcher wind-up and follow through while having a high frame rate for analyzing the actual pitch. This reduces the time to save a video, the time to review a video, and also creates smaller video files.
  • Background save LIFO - You can choose to save the oldest capture first (FIFO or first in first out) or save the most recent capture first (LIFO or last in first out).
  • Recenter field of view - Digital pan and tilt so you can adjust the camera's field of view without having to physically touch the camera. Useful when a camera is mounted in a stadium or on a pole.
  • Rename last file saved - Allows captured video files to more easily integrate into video analysis software systems.
  • PocketRadar© support - Camera can power the PocketRadar via the USB connect and PocketRadar can trigger the camera. PocketRadar configuration through the camera's web user interface is supported.
  • Camera naming support - You can assign a human readable name to each camera. The name shows up on the web UI. You can include the name in the notes overlay and in the video file name.
  • To fix the defect where USB is occasionally not recognized when the camera is powered on, checking for USB devices is delayed until after the camera is running. This means the camera will lock onto SD card for video storage before USB storage is detected. Previously USB had priority if both were available at power on.

Resolved defects

20211107115832 CAMAPI rename_last_video() does not expand parameters

If you pass in a filename like Boddy_K_999999_Bullpen_Seattle_&d_&T_&a_&b_99.2MPH the filename parameters are not properly expanded. Defect was fixed by properly expanding parameters.

SDK API changes

  • New configuration dictionary key 'auto_exposure' whose value is an enumeration. This key is supported by CAMAPI methods configure_camera() and run(). Since auto-exposure effects the video frames as they are captured, trying to change the the auto_exposure key via CAMAPI methods reconfigure_run() and configure_save() has no effect.
  • CAMAPI method rename_last_video(rename_dict) now uses POST instead of GET, accepts a dictionary as a parameter and returns a dictionary, which included an 'err' key with CAMAPI_STATUS_* indication. This allows both the actual filename used to be returned along with a outcome indication.

Developer changes

  • In the metadata file generated for each saved video, the line in the text file that refers to the genlock setting value now uses the terms source and receiver. If you use the metadata file parser in hcamapi.py, it has been updated to handle these terms. If you created your own metadata file parser, you need to update it to handle the new genlock setting value terms.