Trigger Latency Compensation

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This feature has not been implemented. We added manual save mode to accomplish the same functionality.

Trigger latency compensation allows you to discard (trim) frames from the capture so you are not forced to save a portion of video that is always uninteresting.


You can compensate for a latency (delay) between when the event of interest occurs and a later point in time when the camera is triggered. For example, if you are using a radar to trigger the camera, there is a delay in measuring the speed of an object, such as a baseball. Since the edgertronic camera supports a pretrigger buffer capturing frames before the trigger occurs, the camera creates a video of all the event details. However, a side effect of trigger latency is


  • Event - the time during the action that indicates the action is of interest and should be captured
  • Trigger - the time at which the camera is triggered
  • Latency - the delay between the event and the trigger


Assume you trigger using a radar that has 700ms of latency. Further assume you want 100ms capture before the event and 100 ms capture after the event. Since the 700ms latency is larger than the 100ms post-event you want to capture, there will be 600ms of video after the duration of interest.