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The camera is running Linux on a TI DM368 processor with the software infrastructure mainly consisting of Open Source software. The video capture application is written in python. If you are familiar with Linux and Open Source software much of what you know is applicable to the camera.


Short answer: Create a folder/directory called log on the large SD card.

If the software in the camera doesn't behave as expected, you can help us in getting the problem resolved by enabling logging to the big SD card. You can do this by using your laptop computer to create a folder (directory) on the SD card called log. After the problem occurs, wait 10 seconds for the log data to be written, remove the big SD card, then from your host computer send us the contents of the log folder along with a description of what you were trying to do and what went wrong.

For the technical crowd both the kernel messages and application messages are saved in /var/log/messages. On bootup, if the log directory is detected on the big SD card, then a symbolic link is made from /var/log to the SD card's /log directory.

Shell access

You can telnet into the camera with access to many of the common Unix commands as implemented by busybox.

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