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There are several ways to trigger the camera:


External trigger connector

The external trigger connector (marked I/O) accepts a 2.5mm wired remote shutter release cable or a daisychain genlock cable. The tip is trigger and the sleeve is ground.

Trigger remotes

Examples of compatible trigger remotes include:

  • Canon RS-60E3
  • Vello RS-C1II
  • Pixel RS-201

NOTE! : These remote cables have a feature that allows the button to be locked down. In your excitement it is easy to activate the lock, leaving the button depressed when you think it is released. If you activate the button lock down, then the camera will not operate as expected.

Trigger timing

For code versions 1.0 through 1.3, there is a 5ms debounce built into the trigger input. In these releases, the delay from the trigger fall edge to the triggered frame is 5 ms plus one to three frames.

For code version 2.0 and above, the trigger frame is the frame that occurs coincident or immediately after the trigger input fall edge or trigger event. When triggered, the delay from the trigger input to the start of the next frame is recorded in the metadata file.

For 1.4 though 2.2.0 there was no debounce built into the trigger input.

For code version 2.2.1 and above there is a user settable debounce setting. If debounce is on, a 5 ms debounce delay occurs between the falling trigger edge and when the camera processes the falling edge. With debounce off, there is no delay and the falling edge is processed immediately. Click on the wrench in the button box, select the Preferences tab, and turn trigger debounce on or off depending on your application.

Daisychain genlock

If you have multiple cameras, you can configure the cameras to use genlock. Special cabling is required to interconnect the master camera to the slave cameras. The daisychain genlock cable is attached to the external trigger connector on each of the camera.

Console serial port

The external trigger connector can also be used in the SDK developer mode for the Linux serial console port.


Trigger signaling depends on the Genlock mode selected. You can read about it here:

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