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To optimize image quality, all edgertronic high-speed video cameras incorporate an internal calibration shutter. During calibration, the shutter will automatically swing into position and block light from reaching the CMOS sensor. Once calibration is complete, the shutter will automatically swing out of the way, completely exposing the CMOS sensor to light.

For optimal image quality, the lens MUST be attached to the camera during calibration, but curious folks can see (and hear) the operation of the shutter when the lens is removed.

Shutter Failure


A small percentage of cameras may develop problems, with the calibration shutter, that can be detected by SW 2.4.1rc33 or later. When this occurs, we display a message that the shutter needs to be serviced. The camera may be usable, but the image quality will comprised.

You need to do a Factory Reset if you want the camera to try to power up normally after the camera detected a shutter failure.



A small percentage of cameras, over time, may develop shutter problems that causes the shutter to either stutter during calibration or fail to open completely when calibration completes. When this happens, a portion of the video frame may be blacked out.

With the camera powered on, remove the lens and look into the body of the camera. The shutter should be barely visible located completely below the image sensor and about in the center of the camera.

Stutter fix

We have analyzed the problem and we have incorporated improved shutter control code in software version 2.2.1g3. In addition, we have developed a test/exerciser program that can restore proper shutter operation.

Verify camera software version

You need to verify you are running camera software version 2.2.1 or newer.

  • Browse to camera
  • In the setting modal, select the About tab
  • Check the Software Version field. Verify it s v2.2.1g3 or newer

Update your camera software if needed.

Download shutter fix software

The camera supports the ability for users to add software to the camera. The shutter fix program uses this camera extension API.

  • Download shutter fix file (right mouse click on the link to the right and select Save Link As ...:
    • If you see Save Target As ... instead of Save Link As ..., then please switch to the Chrome browser. Other browsers add characters to downloaded files.
  • Save the file to the big SD card top level directory.

Run the shutter fix program

The camera will detect you are adding extension software. The shutter fix program will automatically run when the camera is powered on. The program detects if it has been run before, and if so, it doesn't run again.

  • Insert the big SD card containing the file
  • Power on the camera
  • After about 40 seconds, system LED should blink red and green. Camera LED will blink yellow when calibrating the blink for a short time until the next calibrate cycle starts. Do not browse to the camera while the test is running.
  • The test will take about 3 minutes to run
  • The camera will reset and should run normally. You can now browse to the camera and verify the shutter is again working normally.

Rerunning the shutter fix program

The software is design is to run the first time it is installed, then it remembers it ran, so doesn’t automatically run again.

However, you can browse to the camera and tell it to run again. Please browse to

replacing with your camera's IP address as necessary.
which will cause the camera to reboot and the shutter cleaning algorithm to run again.