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Software release file format

Each software release comes in two formats:

  • The file for performing a normal update (called a tarball, where the filename starts with sanstreak_update and ends with the file extension .tar). To update the camera software, simply put the tarball file on the SD card, install the SD card in the camera, and power on the camera.
  • There is also a recovery file which is used if you want to directly image the micro SD. The recovery file starts with sdcard and ends with the double file extension .img.zip. You need to follow a specific set of steps to properly image the micro SD card.

Official software releases

Sanstreak releases software when we have a good collection of new features and the software passes all of the hundreds of automated and manual test cases. Most people should be running the latest software release. We do make older official software releases available if case you need to downgrade your camera. You can be running any official release and upgrade or downgrade to any other software release.

v2.5.1rc20 normal recovery
v2.5.1rc19 normal recovery
v2.4.1g6 normal recovery
v2.3.1g1 normal recovery
v2.2.2g6 normal recovery
v2.2.1rc8 normal recovery